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Your Deepest Intent
Letters from the Infinite series,
Volume II

2007 out of print.
Publisher: Sounds True, Inc., Boulder, CO 80306

The Letters from the Infinite series is a collection of prophetic letters that apply ancient spiritual wisdom to contemporary personal, social, and political issues.

This second volume, Your Deepest Intent, speaks of the urgency for our American society to evolve from dualistic paradigms based on scarcity and otherness to Oneness paradigms rooted in spiritual wholeness and social interconnectedness.

The letters provide concrete instructions for this transformation that span from deepening our most personal connection to the Divine to rethinking some of our most treasured Judeo-Christian theological constructs that keep us in oppositional polarities.

Energizing our most creative force, Your Deepest Intent navigates us through the peaks and valleys of inner excavations and outer integration to pure intent—the place where thoughts, words, and action align, where cross-purposes are ended.

Your Deepest Intent concludes with a collective mandate to restore our nation. First to go into recovery about our addiction to power:

Then to understand how each of us may be a part of creating the consciousness that has led to this outer manifestation, so that reconciliation can occur:

Rev. Deborah L. Johnson shares 43 messages which reveal the limitations of our existing paradigms and challenge us to look in new directions as individuals and as a nation. Although the messages ruffle our comfort zone, they inspire us, individually and collectively, to seek further communion with the Divine. They teach us how to understand, purify, and actually live our deepest intent.

Endorsements of Your Deepest Intent

"Your Deepest Intent is for our personal and universal healing. Accessible and illuminating, it is a masterwork for this moment. Deborah Johnson is helping to usher in the new golden age that's coming. Her writings have helped me break through barriers. This offering has changed my life."
Susan L. Taylor, editorial director, Essence

"Reverend Deborah is an amazing spiritual channel for the sacred energy of the universe. Your Deepest Intent takes us deeper into our own selves and forces us to rethink some of the basic assumptions of our lives. A true gift for the spiritual seeker."
Rabbi Michael Lerner, national chair of The Network of Spiritual Progressives and author of The Left Hand of God: Taking Back our Country from the Religious Right

"The Spirit’s clarion call through Rev. Deborah Johnson is as timely as it is timeless, for it evokes humanity’s innate knowing of our primordial oneness. All who heed its message will accelerate not only their personal evolution, they will also contribute greatly to our planetary evolution."
Michael Bernard Beckwith, founder of Agape International Spiritual Center, featured contributor to The Secret, and author of 40 Day Mind Fast Soul Feast

"Your Deepest Intent is a powerful, right-on-the-mark book of practical wisdom. Open it to any page and be inspired and helped! Immediately!"
Christiane Northrup, MD, author of Mother-Daughter Wisdom, The Wisdom of Menopause, and Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom

"Your Deepest Intent is a book for our time, an essential guide for people who are truly interested in becoming a force for positive change in their personal and our global village. This book is a blessing."
Caroline Myss, author of Entering the Castle and Anatomy of the Spirit

"This is a sweet, bold walk with the Divine. If you want to access your own unbridled grace, Your Deepest Intent will be a beloved companion on that journey. I found it so exciting to read such a fresh voice. Your Deepest Intent is a big, rich, and healing conversation with an undeniable presence of infinite benevolence."
Tama J. Kieves, author of This Time I Dance!: Creating the Work You Love

"The beloved Rev. Deborah Johnson offers us divine messages of hope, healing, transformation, and reconciliation. In a world hungering for truth, Your Deepest Intent is a delicious feast."
Iyanla Vanzant, Founder of the Inner Visions Institute and author of In the Meantime

"You will be amazed, inspired, and stunned by this powerful book. Both the message and the messenger will touch your life deeply, and you will look back and say, 'That was one of the most important books I ever read.'"
Lynne Twist, Author of The Soul of Money

The Sacred Yes
Letters from the Infinite series,
Volume I

2002, 2006.
Publisher: Sounds True, Inc., Boulder, CO 80306Sacred Yes book cover

The voice of the Divine is as near to you as your own breath—just ask. That's what Reverend Deborah L. Johnson did in 1995. In a moment of darkness, there was nothing she could do but surrender. "Take me now, oh Lord." Almost instantly she heard whispers—and they turned into more than 300 letters from Spirit.

With The Sacred Yes, Rev. Deborah offers 54 of these epistles that provide not only soothing, affirmative wisdom, but words that lift us to our highest place of being.

The Sacred Yes speaks to us individually and collectively, providing new paradigms for our interpersonal relationships, societal institutions, and global affairs. The act of unconditional surrender to the Divine—without reservation or hesitation—is what transforms every circumstance into something that benefits us all.

Living the Sacred Yes: Affirmations for Action

2002. New Brighton Books

Paperback Pocket Book, 125 pages

What we declare to be true has a powerful impact on how we think, feel, perceive, and respond. An affirmation is such a declaration of truth. It can declare not only what has been or is currently true but also what is anticipated to be true, thereby creating a mind-set for the future.

This companion, pocket-size book is a collection of affirmations that help us to live the spiritual principles outlined in the Letters from the Infinite series. These affirmations propel us into action as we put them into daily practice. Easily tucked into pockets, purses, and backpacks, this take-along Affirmations for Action will inspire and enable us to be more effective in our efforts to live the Sacred Yes.


The Sacred YES TeleSeries #1 MP3 Recordings

$25 for five mp3 recordings.
This recording of The Sacred YES TeleSeries #1 gives you unique insight into the Divine through Rev Deborah L. Johnson. The Sacred YES as revealed to Rev Deborah L. Johnson, volume 1 of the Letters From the Infinite series, is the text, and each week is focused on one of these spirit letters. This very personal and intimate time with Rev Deborah included the special gift of new spirit letters being received during two of the sessions. You can hear how Rev Deborah receives these messages, and be blessed by these never-published works. Rev Deborah guides you to a greater sense of spiritual connectedness while producing tangible and lasting real-world results, transforming your life with YES!
Available Here:

The Sacred Yes 4-CD audio program

Sacred Yes Audio CD cover

On this audio offering, listen to the voice of Rev. Deborah as she shares 19 messages—delivered with the same passionate intonation as they were received. They address the significant issues that lie at our lives' fulcrum, including

Singing the Sacred Yes music CD by Valerie Joi

Co-produced by Rev Deborah L. Johnson
Rev Deborah featured on spoken word piece “Unity”Singing the Sacred Yes

The energy of Yes beckons us and, when we listen, reminds us that God is with us always. Singing the Sacred Yes is an invitation to deepen our relationship with the Divine.

Twelve songs exemplify the universal ebbs and tides of healing and transformation on the journey to experiencing our Oneness with the Infinite. From the urgency of Set Me Free, to drinking the waters of Living Grace, to the joyous celebration of Rise Above, Singing the Sacred Yes accompanies you every step of the way.

Featuring a variety of musical styles—comforting ballads for the midnight hour, mellow jazz grooves for contemplative reflection, R&B rhythms for embracing life, spoken word for reawakening consciousness, and gospel rejoicing of the soul's liberation—Singing the Sacred Yes is a soothing and inspirational traveling companion.

Inner Light Ministries Sunday celebration services CDs

Current Sunday celebration services available by subscription.
Most feature a 20-30 minute message from Rev Deborah. Purchase by the month, and they will be mailed to you via USPS.

CDs also available through Inner Light Bookstore, Sundays at the Inner Light Center, 5630 Soquel Drive, Soquel, CA 95073 [Map]

Intention to Shine---New Dimensions Media

One-hour interview with Rev Deborah from New Dimensions Media. Available as MP3 download.

Program Description: What is your deepest intent? What are you really trying to accomplish as you go through your day, and as you interact with family members or coworkers? Are you in touch with the real reasons you make the choices you make, or are you sometimes embroiled in resentment, or other games of the ego? Do you use the warmth in your heart to heat your home or to burn it down? Deborah Johnson reminds us that when we forget our true sense of purpose, and let our busy minds separate us from our connection to the divine, our actions may be infused with negativity rather than wonder and grace.



Jumpin’ the Broom: The New Covenant

Showtime TV’s Black Filmmaker’s Showcase (2005)

Filmmaker Debra Wilson presents this documentary short that examines gay marriage in the African-American community through profiles of four same-sex couples. 29 minutes.

Jumpin’ the Broom shares the stories of four black gay and lesbian couples – two male and two female – and analyzes their views on love, commitment, relationships, marriage and religion. Jumpin’ the Broom delivers engaging characters, poignant images and, above all, conveys hope. "Valerie means to me that it's possible," says the Rev. Deborah Johnson, who has been with her partner for ten years. "Growing up gay, nobody ever thought that it was possible to find someone that you could live your life with. Valerie is my very best friend. It's wonderful to have someone. We write music together, we do ministry."

God and Gays: Bridging the Gap

A Zernus Production (2006)

Gods and GaysWatch trailer featuring Rev Deborah

Also available through Inner Light Bookstore, Sundays at the Inner Light Center, 5630 Soquel Drive, Soquel, CA 95073 [Map]

God and Gays: Bridging the Gap explores the religious struggle reconciling sexuality and spirituality. It gets into the heads and hearts of people who inhabit the worlds of homosexuality and religious traditions.

An interview with Rev. Dr. Mel White, co-founder of SoulForce, talks about Jesus' perspective. Rev. Deborah L. Johnson discusses this very basic diversity issue and asks the question: do you love me for who I am or for what I do?

Jason Stuart, an out Jewish comic and actor in Los Angeles describes in detail the loss of his relationship to his sister and her kids due solely to his orientation. Some are still “in the closet,” some have previously attempted suicide. We meet Mary Lou Wallner, a fundamentalist mother, who had to grapple with her lesbian daughter’s suicide. Author Darlene Bogle describes her 15 years in Exodus International before recognizing she was ultimately numbing her humanity.

God and Gays: Bridging the Gap wrestles through the eyes and experiences of people wanting a relationship with the very religions that reject them – Christian Protestant (Lutheran, Presbyterian, Episcopalian, Methodist, Baptist) Mormon, Catholic, Jehovah's Witness, Jewish, Muslim and others. No matter the religion, the experience of oppression and repression is difficult. Many find that God has a hand in bringing them out.

Finally a documentary to break the silence and open dialogue. God and Gays puts the face and heartbeat of humanity into the emotionally-charged issue and answers:

Short Videos Online

Rev Deborah's YouTube Channel

A variety of video clips of Rev Deborah, from sermons at Inner Light Ministries, and workshops she has held.

Watch Rev Deborah on You Tube

After the passage of PROPOSITION 8 in California

Since the passage of Proposition 8 in November 2008, Rev Deborah has been involved in leading healing sessions and speaking out for justice and reconciliation.

On November 9, 2008 Rev Deborah facilitated a community meeting at the Inner Light Center as a time of reflection, prayer, healing, and harnessing all energy for constructive purposes. You can watch a 3-part video of this session on YouTube:


Also on YouTube are clips from recent sermons addressing related topics:


VOTE NO on PROPOSITION 8 in California

On October 12, 2008 Rev. Deborah spoke eloquently and passionately about Prop 8. Captured on video, this clip was widely viewed on YouTube:



LISTEN TO REV DEBORAH ON NPR'S FAITH MATTERS RADIO SHOW entitled: Clergy Weigh in on Calif. Battle Over Gay Marriage


Black Church Summit 2007

Clips from keynote speeches by Rev. Deborah L. Johnson and Rev. Dr. Michael Eric Dyson at the 2nd Annual Black Church Summit, March 2007, Philadelphia, PA

National Black Justice Coalition
Watch on You Tube, 10 minutes


IN the Light

IN the LightA one-hour version of Inner Light Ministries’ Sunday celebration service is aired every week on these California stations:

Community Television of Santa Cruz County

Sat. 4:00pm and Sun. 8:00am
Channel 27 (Comcast cable) Channel 73 (Charter cable)

Access Monterey Peninsula (AMP)

Sun. 3:00am and 3:00pm, Thu. 10:00pm
Channel 24

KSAR Saratoga Community TV

Sat. & Sun. 9:00am
Channel 15